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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Call of Duty: World at War

            Although it may not be the immediate predecessor this game is the true predecessor to Black Ops, having the same developers and Infinity Ward, developers of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, having nothing to do with Black Ops.  It was the game nobody wanted but quickly became one of the best WWII video games ever made, if for no reason then multi-player and Nazi-Zombies.  It's time for my Call of Duty: World at War review.
The Plot
            Like all previous Call of Duty games, with the exception of Modern Warfare, this game takes place in WWII.  In this game you take control of two different characters.  The first is Private C. Miller of the U.S. Marines.  In his story line, you are a Marine in the Pacific Theater of the War.  This was an extreme shift from previous COD games that had all taken place in the European Theater and is what makes the games campaign worth playing.  In the second you take control of Private Dimitri Petrenko of the Russian Red Army and his fights in Stalingrad and the Russian Offensive.
The Game Play
            Like previous COD games, it’s a first person shooter with the usual array of WWII weapons.  The Russian Front is just a rehashing of the same fighting you saw in previous COD games.  The Pacific Theater, however, comes off as being fresh and introduces tensions and a kind of close combat fighting never before seen in a COD game, particularly when the Japanese charge you and the fighting gets close and brutal. 
            Where this game shines, however, is in its multi-player.  As with most games you have your traditional multi-player games, but this one offered the ability to tilt the edge of the fighting in your favor based on how many kills you got in a row.  Depending on how many enemies you kill, you can send dogs loose on your enemy, call in artillery strikes, scan the map for enemy locations and much more.  It also offers a leveling system that enables you to get better weapons and sights for these weapons.
            The real reason to play this game can be summarized in two words: Nazi-Zombies.  This game mode is self explanatory.  You’re a solder who is killing endless waves of Nazi-Zombies.  That's it.  It's extremely addicting and ridiculously fun to play.  Throughout the game you purchase weapons that have a bigger kick to them, along with power increases that spawn from your kill or are purchased such as ammo power, increased speed, instant kill, and a lot more.
The Characters
            The only two characters to speak of in this game are Sergeant Reznov and Corporal Roebuck.  The only thing to note about them, however, is their voice actors.  Gary Oldman does a great job as Sergeant Reznov and his voice is almost unrecognizable with the Russian accent.  The same can't be said for Kiefer Sutherland who just sounds like he's reading off a script.  But all around, there was nothing noteworthy about the characters.
The Verdict
            By the time the game came out, WWII was a well worn first person shooter setting and people were sick of it.  While this game wasn't a reviver of WWII games it certainly was a great game and could very easily be the last WWII one ever made.  And that's the biggest and probably the only flaw of the game.  If you ignore that it's a great WWII game, a great multi-player game and Nazi-Zombies!  The new Call of Duty game is due for release on November 9th but will not be a WWII of Modern Warfare Game and we can only hope it proves to be as great as its predecessors.
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  1. Never been a fan of COD. Never understood the fuss.