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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Thoughts on The Angry Video Game Nerd

           Earlier the month James “The Angry Video Game Nerd” Rolfe announced that his 101st episode of his Angry Video Game Nerd Series would be his last for a while as he's going to be doing more web series and will be putting more work into getting a full length feature film of The Angry Video Game Nerd produced.  With that in mind, I decided to give my thoughts on the series as a whole. 
            The series started back in 2004 as a simple YouTube panning of the NES video games Castlevania 2: Simons Quest and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  He returned two years later in February of 2006 and started to do one every couple of months and started doing two a month regularly in July.  He would continue to do two a month until April of 2010 when he cut it back to one a month. 
            So, what are my thought on the series as a whole?  Well, it tends to be hit or miss.  Some are hilarious to watch.  Some are exhausting to watch.  Some are interesting to watch.  And some are both hilarious and interesting to watch.  Episodes like Game Glitches and his Castlevaniathon were both hilarious and interesting while others like Lestor the Unlikely or The Silver Surfer were just boring. 
            He gets very creative with a lot of his episodes, usually by adding in cheesy effects, having over the top/vulgar humor or adding a temporary character like Bugs Bunny, The Game Graphic Glitch Gremlin, or Super Mecha Death Christ, (Yes he brings in a character with that name), and this always helps with the humor.  Often these characters will be worked in well and usually serve as some kind of antagonist the Nerd has to overcome.  His humor usually revolves around identifying the bullshit old games put their players through, either through bad design or high difficulty, often cursing all kinds of words in frustration and destroying the game at the end of the episode.  Unfortunately when he doesn’t include the over the top/vulgar humor with his cheesy effects or additional characters the episodes tend to get boring. 
            My final rating on the series is this; it's hit or miss with The Angry Video Game Nerd.  The good episodes are hilarious but the bad ones suck as badly as the games he's reviewing.  If you haven't heard of him already the series is based out of cinemassacure.com and it has the full list of episodes listed and here are the episodes I recommend watching:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Back To the Future
Spider Man
Die Hard
Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout
Atari Porn
Chronologically confused about the Legend of Zelda Timeline
The Wizard and Super Mario Brothers 3
Superman 64
Batman Part 1
Batman Part 2
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
Castlevania: Part 1
Castlevania: Part 2
Castlevania: Part 3
Castlevania: Part 4
Ninja Gaiden
Sword Quest
Game Glitches
Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link
The Angry Video Game Nerd: Episode 94
Star Wars, (although that one was just ok)
Rob the Robot (and this one is only worth watching for its ending)

           The others I'd recommend avoiding because they're just bad, boring or just not as fleshed out.  Like I said, the series is hit or miss.  Until next time this is The Illusive One saying THIS GAME IS BULLSHIT! 

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