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Monday, May 23, 2011

One Year Without Lost: The Series as a Whole

            Their have been many show series over the years that have drawn its viewers into worlds other than our own, whether they take place in space, in the high levels of the government, in counter terrorist agencies, in hospitals, or law enforcement agencies.  The one show series, however, that drew me in like no other, was the ABC series Lost.
            Airing form 2004-2010, Lost had a total of six seasons, 114 episdoes, 45 Emmy nominations, won 11, and is one of the most memorable and critically acclaimed series of all time.  Seeing as how the series finally aired exactly one year ago today I thought I would use the date to begin my own retrospective on the series; the way I remember the show and will be a multiple part blog.  To those who haven't seen the first five seasons of the show, this will contain a few spoilers for those.  So without further delay, this is One Year Without Lost: The Series as a Whole.
            The series revolves around a group of people who survived a plane crash and land on a mysterious, tropical island.  Very quickly, however, they discover that there are supernatural forces on the island, they're not alone on the island, and that it was far more then coincidence that brought them there. 
            As a whole, the plot of the series was just great.  Other then what I stated above, it's a little difficult to describe the plot without going into great detail but it was always added in new characters, creating new plots and subplots, added in enough mind bending twists to keep you head spinning and, above all, never entirely revealed everything.  Throughout the series many of the questions asked were never entirely answered and left a lot of room for interpretation.  The few things that were revealed were usually downplayed as, by then, a hundred new questions had entered the viewers mind and you don't care as much about the questions previously asked.  This was the kind of thing that made the show so addictive and kept the viewers interested.  It always kept you looking for more clues and wondering just what the answers to the questions were.
            I remember the first season as being one of the best.  Everything was unknown, the characters were new, the possibilities were endless and had the kind of feeling that you can't get from any future season.  The second season was also good, as it introduced several new fascinating characters and still had the same kind of raw feeling the first season did.  The third did as well but it didn't feel as raw as the first two seasons.  In the fourth season the survivors were divided.  Some wanted to stay, thinking it was their destiny while others wanted to leave thinking there was no such thing.  This one also had a strange story telling system.  While previous seasons had the characters flashing back to various points in their lives, this one had them going forward to a time after a few of them had escaped the island.  It made for a few spoilers as to what was going to happen on the island but was a more then welcome change of pace. 
            The fifth season was where things really got weird, (and for Lost that's saying a lot).  In the first half you had the survivors who had left the island trying to get back, while the survivors who stayed on the island jump though various eras in time and have to survive the constant time shifting and find a way to stop it.  In the second half you had most of the main cast stuck in the past trying to get back to the present while the rest were in the present dealing with the supernatural forces of the island. 
            Finally you have the sixth and final season and this was where things got the most confusing.  You had the survivors once again on the island, this time battling against the mysterious and evil Man in Black.  Then you had the alternate reality, apparently triggered by the events of the fifth season, where it shows what would have happened to the characters had they made different decisions in their lives and never landed on the island.  All around, I felt that the final season was a great season.  It was a flat out blood bath at times, as many of the major characters die in it, revealed more than any other season but still didn't reveal everything, and kept you eager and in anticipation for the the finally but I'll get into that one another day.
            And those are my thoughts on the series as a whole.  Each season was great, progressed the story and kept adding mind bending twist that kept me interested.  Next time I'll be giving my thoughts on the characters, and then my reaction to the series finale.  So, until next time, this is the Illusive One sighing off.  

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