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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On the 2011 Spring Season Finales

            Well, it's June and all the season finales of the big shows have aired.  Having seen most of them, I decided to give my thoughts on the finales of my favorite shows.  This post will contain my thoughts on the season finales of C.S.I., Family Guy, Fringe, House, Law and Order: S.V.U., N.C.I.S., The Big Bang Theory, The Event, and The Mentalist.  While there are other shows out there that I like, these are the ones that I made a point of seeing.  They were the ones I looked forward to seeing and probably would have gone insane if I hadn't seen them.  That said, here are my thoughts on the 2011 Spring Season Finales.

          Like most season finales, this one had been building up over the past few episodes.  In it, Ray Langston has finally caught up with Nate Haskell and kills him very early in the show.  However, the death happens off camera and the rest of the C.S.I. Team has to determine if Ray killed Haskell in self defense or in cold blood.  In the process they discover Haskell's first victims and how he developed into a serial killer.  The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the acting at the beginning seemed a little bland.  Other then that the episode was good.   It wasn't the best of C.S.I.'s finales but it wasn't the worst either.  It was interesting to see how Haskell developed as a serial killer and it brought about a satisfying conclusion to Langston's and Haskell's conflict.  If you like C.S.I. and have been following the season, I say give this one a watch.

Family Guy
            Like last year, this season ended with an hour long reenactment of Star Wars, this time of Return of the Jedi, entitled It's A Trap!  This one, however, I actually saw it back in the winter when it came out of DVD so it wasn't as funny watching it again.  There were also quite a few jokes and gags that were cut out of the TV release but it was still enjoyable.  While it wasn't as funny as Something, Something, Something Darkside, it still was still hilarious.  If you like Family Guy and you like Star Wars and liked the previous two reenactments you'll like this one to.

            Now this was a weird episode.  In it we get a glimpse of what will happen in the future in the world of Fringe.  In it, the other dimension has been destroyed and as a result the world where out protagonists live is falling apart as well and will soon be destroyed.  In this regard it was interesting to see how the characters would develop, given the circumstances but it ended on a very annoying cliff hanger.  Before it got to this, however, there was one moment that was incredibly tense and I thought the characters were going to start shooting each other.  In the end, it was probably the worst of Fringe's season finales but it was still satisfying and got me hyped for the next season.

            Now this is an episode I could make an entire commentary track for but I'll spare you that pain.  This one has a frame narrative in which House apparently beat the crap out of both Cuddy and Wilson and the build up to this was incredibly suspenseful and kept the viewer on edge.  Throughout much of the episode House is recovering from leg surgery and trying to patch things up with Cuddy while working on a patient’s case.  Hugh Laurie gives his usual great performance and all the other cast members were great to.  The best twist in this episode had to do with Taub but I won't dare spoil that for you.  Last to comment on is the final scene.  I won't spoil it for you but it was probably the biggest wtf moment of all the season finales.

Law and Order: S.V.U.
            There really isn't much to say about this one as it really just felt like another episode.  In it, a rape victim is killed not long before she has to testify in court and Stabler and Benson try to find who is responsible.  As I said, it was just another episode.  I think my biggest problem with it, however, was how it got pro-gun control at the end.  S.V.U. usually has themes that are liberal bias and aren't subtle about it but this one just annoyed me.  It seemed like they were trying to be subtle about it but didn't succeed in it at all.  In the end it was probably the worst of the season finales I saw last month.

            Another one that had been built up, this season finale had the N.C.I.S. team finally confront the Port to Port killer, a serial killer who frequently popped up throughout season.  In the end, they make it a revenge trip for the killer and just stuck me as being a bit bland.  All the good stuff regarding the killer’s identity, motives and his more noteworthy victims had happened in previous episodes.  This one, once again, ended on a cliff hanger regarding a leak in the agency but failed to get be hyped for the next season.  Although one of the final scenes in it made my eyes water, it was just ok in the end.

The Big Bang Theory
            As this is a sitcom, I'll keep this one brief.  Leonard and Priya’s relationship takes an unexpected turn, Bernadette gets her PHD and causes Howard to feel inadequate, and Penny does something she never thought she would.  All around it was hilarious and a good ending to the season.

The Event
            In this one, Sean, Vicky, Sterling, and Simon try to stop Sophia from unleashing a deadly virus at Dallas airport while President Martinez tries to get his office back from Jarvis.  Before I get any further into the episode let me say that this is a series I cannot recommend highly enough.  I think it would be safe to say that it was intended to fill the void created when Lost and 24 ended last year and in this regard, it works.  It's suspenseful, it's action packed, and it's supernatural and is one series you need to see and the season finale no different.  It kept you on the edge of your seat and had you rooting for the good guys the whole way.  The last thing to mention is the final minute in the episode.  I won't spoil it for you but it will leave you bug-eyed in disbelief.  Unfortunately NBC canceled the series so the producers are looking for a new home for the show.  Let’s hope they find it before the summer ends.

The Mentalist
            And last we have The Mentalist.  Like previous season finales, this one had Patrick hunting for Red John.  It was a two hour season finale in which Red John is hunting for Hightower, who he had previously set up for murder earlier in the season.  Like other finales such as C.S.I. this one delivered a satisfying closer to the events of the season and made way for the next.  The only problem I had with it was the final confrontation between Patrick and Red John, as I found it a little hard to believe that he would expose himself the way he did.  Still, it wrapped up the events and conflicts of the season nicely and I would have been satisfied if the series ended there.

            And those are my thoughts on the season finales of my favorite shows.  If you disagree with my opinions on the matter, I encourage you to comment as to why but I doubt you'll change my mind on the matter.  If you haven't already seen these episodes I would recommend seeing the ones I liked, so long as you like the shows.  So until next time, this is the Illusive One tuning out.    

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