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Greetings. I am the Illusive One. For many years now I have been a huge video game player, movie viewer, and book reader. For almost as long, I have been a critic of these things and many people respect my opinions of these things and have often said I belong on G4 doing reviews on X-Play or a similar show. Sadly that is not likely to happen. So instead I shall do reviews for you, uninfluenced by other reviewers, of video games books, movies, and, occasionally, music and political actions. I hope you find this informative and helpful. Thank you for your time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Crazy Heart Review

            Throughout 2009, their were a lot of great films released, that included The Hurt Locker, Avatar, Up, District 9, and Inglorious Bastards.  The one I want to talk about, however, is one that was fairly over looked by most audiences and kind of seemed to sneak into the Oscars.  This is the Illusive One's review of Crazy Heart.
            Released into theaters on December 16th, 2009, the film stars Jeff Bridges as Bad Blake, a once famous, alcoholic, washed up country singer trying to get his life and carrier back in order; a performance which earned him Oscar for Best Actor.  It costars Maggie Gylinhall as Jean Craddock, a reporter Blake falls in live with, Robert Duvall as Wayne Kramer, a bartender and Blake's best friend, and Colin Farrell as Tommy Sweet, a former protegee of Blake's who replaced him in the spotlight.
            Other then that their really isn’t much to say about this film.  It wasn’t unlike The Wrestler, where the whole store is fixated on one character and everyone else just revolves around them.  It had great acting and a great plot to it.
            On the negative side, however, it's one of those kinds of films that is all about plot, acting, and the struggles the main character goes through and is not for everyone.
            All around I really enjoyed it but have reservations about recommending it.  If you just watch movies to laugh, see explosions, and a ton of gore, I'd say skip this one.  If you like movies like The Hurt Locker, The Wrestler, Frost/Nixon, and Their Will Be Blood, then I absolutely recommend seeing it.

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  1. Titanic grossed over a billion too, and it's just a chick flick set on the Titanic.

    As for Avatar:

  2. your opinion dude, many disagree. thats all i have to say

  3. I'm just saying making money doesn't mean its good. Know what it one of the most opoular films of all time in China: Garfield a Tale of Two Kitties.