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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clash of the Titans Remake

           2010 saw the release of many remakes and/or sequels of films that were made in the 80s.  These included Wall Street, The Karate Kid, Clash of the Titans, and Tron.  Why exactly is this?  Who knows?  If films like Inception proved anything, it’s that good ideas for movies are still out there and one only need look in the right place.  Having seen the Clash of Titans remake recently, I decided to give my thoughts on it.
            The film stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, and Ralf Fiennes and the plot of it revolves around Perseus (Worthington) as he searches for a way to slay the servant of Hades, The Kraken, while Hades schemes to overthrow Zeus as ruler of the gods.
            On the positive side, it was a good action movie.  It was fast passed, had some good action sequences, got to the point quickly and had some entertaining creatures and characters.
            Unfortunately, there is a lot wrong with it.  For starters, it was too short and the writing was just bad.  It should have been half an hour longer, but it seemed like the producers wanted to cramp as much action into an hour and forty five minutes as they possibly could.  It left no room for character or major plot development and the dialogue was just bad even when spoke by Oscar-nominated actors like Neeson and Fiennes.  Not that the acting was bad, the actors just didn't have much to work with.  The CG seemed just as half assed and at times didn't even look finished and the fight choreography was just as awkward and seemed off.
            All around, it's worth watching, but don't expect more than a cheap thrill out of it.
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  1. To answer your question, because the high watermark of popular culture was the 1980's