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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Illusive One's Dragon Age: Origins Review, Part Three

           Well, it's time for part three of my Dragon Age: Origins Reviews and today I'll be discussing five pieces of DLC that came out for the game.  Four are direct addons to the main game and the last was a kind of an alternate scenario to the game's ending and I feel that none deserve an entire post to themselves.  Each is relatively short and cheap so I'll keep my review of them like wise.  It's the Illusive One's Reviews of the Dragon Age: Origins DLC The Stone Prisoner, Wardens Keep, Feast Day Gifts and Pranks, Return to Ostogar and The Darkspawn Chronicles.

The Stone Prisoner
            The Stone Prisoner was released when Dragon Age came out and was free for those who bought the game before April of 2010.  This piece of DLC gives you the mission where you recruit Shale the Golem and her companion quest.  Absolutely worth the price and a great piece of DLC.

Wardens Keep
           Wardens Keep was also released upon the games launch and gave you a new mission.  In it, you are recruited by Levi Dryden to investigate a place known as Solder's Peak in order to redeem his family name.  In the process you find out exactly why the Gray Wardens were banished from Ferelden.  After beating it, the game allows you to store your excess items at the Keep and gives you access to new sets of weapons and armor. 
            For what it was, it was a good piece of DLC and worth what it cost, (on XBOX LIVE it was 400 Microsoft points or five bucks).

Return to Ostagar

           Return to Ostagar was a piece of DLC with a number of problems.  First was its release date.  It was originally scheduled to be released in the holiday season of 2009 but was pushed back to January 10th, 2010, but was released on the 13th and withdrawn again due to bugs, and finally released for good on January 29th but the PS3 version wasn't released until March 14, 2010.  Unfortunately it wasn't worth the wait.  There were so many continuity issues with it, such as the quests, convenient places to find the items you need, and the ogre that killed Calin just happens to be right where he died when all the other bodies are gone.  Truly a missable and lazy piece of DLC.

Feast Day Gifts and Pranks
            Feast Day Gifts and Pranks was a piece of DLC that gave you items that could make your companions either love or hate you.  In other words, it's for people who don't want to take the time to say the right things to your companions or to do the right missions.  But personally, I don't like it and thought it was a waste of money.

The Darkspawn Chronicles
           In this piece of DLC, released on May 5th, 2010, play as a Darkspawn during the climax of the game.  In goes under the assumption that your character died at the beginning of the game and that Alistair had to lead the armies against the Darkspawn.  While it simply reused the cut scenes and sets of the climax, it was still fun to kill your way through all of the companions and supporting of the game

           And that's it for part three of my Dragon Age: Origins review.  A little hint at what's to come; for part four I'll be discussing some of the strange, interesting, and annoying things of the game.  So look at that if that kind of thing interests you.  If not, just skip to part five, where I'll be discussing the expansion to the game, Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings.  Until then, keep reading.

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