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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Other Great Games of 2010

           Although they didn't make my top five list, there were many games that came out in 2010 that I feel I have to at least mention and give a small take on.  They won't be in any particular order as they are all from different genera’s and some I never beat.   So this is the Illusive One's Other Great Games of 2010.

Darksiders.  Yet another hack and slasher that came out in 2010 alongside God of War 3, (still haven't played it and it killing me).  In it, you take control of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as he battles both Angels and Demons, trying to restore the balance between Earth, Heaven and Hell.  While it wasn't as over the top as the God of War games or as fluent as Lords of Shadow, it's still a hack and slasher worth picking up and playing through.

Final Fantasy XIII.  While the plot of this game was incredibly confusing, wasn't revealed until like halfway through the game and had mostly flat characters, it did have the best battle system of any Final Fantasy game to date.  You may like it.  You may not.  I personally never beat it but I did enjoy it.

Dead Rising 2.  Sadly, I never got the chance to play much of this game but from what I did play, it was awesome.  Running through malls and casinos, fighting endless hordes of zombies and people gone insane, putting together different object around the malls to make devastating, limb dismembering weapons; what's not to love?  And I hate myself for not playing it more.

Super Meat Boy.  Yea the only downloadable arcade game to make the list.  In it you play as...um....well...a square wad of meat named Super Meat Boy as he tries to save his girl friend, Bandage Girl, (yet another square only this time made of, you guessed it, bandages), from the evil Dr. Fetus, who is a fetus in a robot wearing a tuxedo,(I'm not kidding).  Sounds like the Game of the Year doesn’t it?  In it, you will literally die dozens, if not hundreds of time on a single level avoiding all kinds’ crazy stuff that has to be seen to believe.  Check it out if you ever get a chance but try to avoid chucking your controller at a wall.

Fable 3.  The latest in Lionhead Studios Fable Games, 3 takes place during the industrial age of Albion as you join rebels to over throw your older brother for the throne but find that the crown is, indeed a heavy burden.  While it still wasn't as good as the original and had a number of flaws it was still a good sequel and I would recommend picking it up if you liked 2.

Bayonetta.  Yet another hack and slasher that came out in 2010 alongside God of War 3, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Darksiders, and Dante's Inferno, (the latter of which was a big disappointment).  In it, you play as the witch Bayonetta as she tries put together her past, all the while killing hordes of angles to avoid being sent to Hell.  Delightfully cheesy, ridiculous, and over the top, check it out if you get the chance.

Call of Duty: Black Ops.  Yet another game in the long line best selling Call of Duty games, Black Ops was a Cold War based game that, like the Modern Warfare games, had a great plot and compelling protagonists.  In it, you play as various CIA agents as they try to prevent insane Russians from releasing a deadly virus in America.  It also featured a great cast of voice actors that included Sam Worthington, (I always thought he would make a good voice actor), Ed Harris, Ice Cube, and Gary Oldman reprising his role of Victor Rezsnov from World at War.  While the multiplayer was just the same crap we've been play since Modern Warfare the campaign was more than worth my time and had great references to films such as Apocalypse Now and Deer Hunter.  Because of the campaign, this is the only game on this list that almost made my Top 5 List.  Odds are you've probably already played it, but still check it out if you haven't.

And the last on my list.

Halo: Reach.  Definitely the best Halo game to come out sense 3, Reach is Bungie's final game in the franchise, (and could possibly be the last game in the series), and, boy, did they send it out with a bang.  The game is a direct prequel to the first Halo and tells of the destruction of Reach, a major military planet of the UNSC and in it you discover the origins of Cortana and exactly why the Master Chief is the only Spartan Left.  You play as the faceless and mostly silent Spartan known only as Noble Six, the latest addition to Spartan Team Nobel as they battle the Covenant on Reach and slowly but surely die off one by one.  Like a lot of other Halo fans, this was the game I had been waiting for since the end of 3, (although my reasons were probably different); a prequel to the first game that detailed the fall of Reach.  While it wasn't the epic story of a final stand I was hoping for it was a great game and well worth any gamer’s time.  Just don't expect a happy ending.

           Well, that's it for my favorite games of 2010.  Now, you might think it's time to move forward with my game review; start reviewing games of 2011.  Unfortunately that's not going to happen just yet, as I have one last epic review of a game and its DLC and expansions.  And that's coming up next, on the Illusive One's Reviews. 


  1. Shame on you! Not only did you not play Dead Rising 2, you left Dante's Inferno off the list!

  2. Make me feel worse about not playing it why don't you. And ThAVMIAL is right, Dante's Inferno was terrible compaired to other hack and slashers released this year.

  3. Is it wrong for me to hope to see more games based off classical literature?