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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Illusive One's Dragon Age: Origins Review Part 6

           Well, my Dragon Age review is almost over.  In this article I'll be getting into the last three pieces of DLC released for Dragon Age.  It's Part 6 of my Dragon Age Origins Review.

Leliana's Song

           Leliana's Song was released on July 6, 2010 and allowed you to play through Leliana's background story, taking place several years before the events in Origins.  This one, in my opinion, is the most flawed of the three.  Of all the characters in Origins, other than Alistair, Leliana is the character you’re given the most information on.  The game completely rewrites her back story, having it take place in Ferelden rather than the Orlesian Empire, shamelessly uses stock setting from Origins and Awakenings and adds nothing new to the game.  A very ignorable piece of DLC.

Golems of Amgarrak

           Released on August 10th, 2010, Golems of Amgarrak takes place sometime after the end of Origins.  You once again take control of your Gray Warden as he/she goes into the Deep Roads to investigate the disappearance of a dwarven expedition.  The expedition was searching for the lost Amgarrak Thaig whose people were dedicated to finding the secret to creating golems.  Unfortunately, instead you find horrible things that are borderline Lovecraftian. 
            This one happens to be my favorite piece of DLC of the three.  While it did have boring characters and reused settings from Origins and Awakenings it made up for it in its horror type suspense, enemies, difficulty level, and it's ever changing environment that has to be seen.  Easily the best of the three.

Witch Hunt

           The final piece of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins was released on September 10th, 2010.  One year has passed since the end of Origins and reports have reached you that Morrigan, the witch from Origins, has returned to Ferelden.  Along with your dog, you set out to investigate this news.  It's a decent but flawed piece of DLC.
            The characters introduced were far more entertaining and once again their interactions with your dog make for comedic gold.  Like the last two, it reused settings and environments from Origins and Awakenings but made no effort to hide it and has a lot of continuity issues.  It offered only one new enemy and even that one's place in the game made no since.  Objects and groups also appear in areas you had already been and offer very thin explanations as to why.
            The last thing to address about it is the way it was promoted.  Bioware and EA advertised that Witch Hunt was the end to your Warden's story and that it provides closer to Morrigan's.  It did none of the latter and your Warden is still active at the end of game.  If anything it was more of a teaser for Dragon Age 2 and was flat out infuriating at the end.  But unfortunately it seems like an essential piece to the Dragon Age story and is worth getting

            And that's the last of the Dragon Age DLC.

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